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You Tube videos on how to process greasy fleece at home.

This page has been created to show sheep owners and buyers of raw fleece how you can wash, comb, spin or felt your own wool at home.

If you have any videos or photos that you would like to share on this page, please email the WebMaster.

As an example of what you can achieve with your flock’s wool (or wool from your favourite farmer), this first video from River Cottage Australia is of BCSBAA member Tabitha Zarins, talking about being a small wool producer, who sells her own hand-made products at local markets.

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My Homesteading Project

A series of videos  demonstrating how to process fleece from start, with skirting a fleece through to the finished product - yarn.

Fleece to Yarn Part 1.

Skirting (preparing the fleece for washing).

Fleece to Yarn Part 2.

Washing / scouring.

Fleece to Yarn Part 3.

Picking, combing and carding.

How to start spinning.

YouTube Channel:

Neek Procek

Raw Fleece Preparation.

Washing - lock method Part 1.

Raw Fleece Preparation.

Washing - lock method Part 2.

More videos available on this channel including spinning, felting, crochet and knitting.

YouTube Channel:

Nui Milton

Nui’s quick way to wash ultra fine wool staples (not entire fleece).

YouTube Channel:

Rochelle Sutherland

Videos from Rochelle Sutherland including:


Carding with two wool carders.

Carding a staple with a comb.

Flick carding a fleece.

Learning to spin - Parts 1 & 2.

Making a skein.

Hand exercises for craftspeople - Parts 1 & 2.

YouTube Channel:

Ashford Wheels and Looms

Experience the joy and pleasure of creating your own unique yarns, fabric, garments and home ware using Ashford spinning wheels, weaving looms, fibres and yarns.



Hand carding.

Carding fleece on an Ashford Drum Carder.

Blending fibres on an Ashford Drum Carder.

Blending colours on the drum carder.

How to spin.

YouTube Channel:

Tutorials are also available on their website.

Christine MacLeod

Christine MacLeod is manager and handloom weaver at The Weaver's Cottage in Kilbarchan, Scotland. The historic 18th-century cottage, run by the National Trust for Scotland, recreates the living and working conditions of a typical handloom weaver of the time.

How to prepare a spinning wheel for yarn making.

How to spin yarn on a spinning wheel.

YouTube Channel:

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A note on yield by Raylene Robinson.

From Facebook page Australian Handspinners and Knitters Group.


There’s a lot of variables, but taking a medium wool breed such as the Corriedale, not coated, with a good clean sound fleece. Say 4kg raw. You will lose 20-25% of the weight while processing, you would be likely to end up with approximately 3kg of 8 ply. A large man’s plain jumper uses about 800grams of commercial 8 ply.

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Tigerlily Makes

Guest presenter for Create & Craft TV, award Winning and voted "Best of British" Chief Felt-trepreneur, Lisa Marie Olson's love affair with creative arts started at school with needle work and textile arts. Lisa quickly realised that she had a natural flair and ability to create wonderful things with threads, fabric, ribbons, buttons and left over bits and bobs.

Felt making tutorial - wet felting.

Basic how-to needle felt.

YouTube Channel:

Terri Pike

Wet felting tutorials from Terri Pike.

YouTube Channel:


The history and steps of processing wool in Australia.

This 2020 YouTube video from Cashmere Connections explains the history and steps of processing wool in Australia.

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